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  BARTLEY LAW FIRM            phone: (281) 557-3258

Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Asset Protection: Protect your assets & save your family


Bartley Law Firm P.C. provides a variety of services within the area of estate planning and asset protection administration. The firm assist clients in the preparation of wills, trusts (both domestic and international) and probate. The firm is also familiar with the avenues available to lighten an estate's tax burden and to protect assets before complex issues arise.

From the largest to the smallest estates, planning for the future of your family is perhaps the greatest gift to be given, and this firm is equipped to handle the needs of those who recognize this. Having an estate plan provides you peace of mind knowing that you have secured the future of your loved ones with a plan to protect your assets with them in mind.


The Bartley Law Firm, P.C. Estate Planning and Asset Protection Attorneys for your estate needs are ready to help you plan your estate. Each of our attorneys are well versed in the practice of asset protection and estate planning for any size estate.


Wills & Probate:  Plan your estate with a will & probate or a living trust

Bartley Law Firm is experienced in matters of probate including all aspects of admission of wills to probate, will contests, trusts, power of attorney, guardianships, claims and claim litigation and representation as attorney ad litem. The firm has an active probate docket in Harris, Galveston and Brazoria County courts and provides its clients with knowledgeable, caring and personal representation in a variety of probate matters.

Remember, that one of the goals of planning your estate is to avoid the troubles of probate when an estate plan isn’t properly executed or completed. The purpose of the process isn’t to be morbid but to alleviate as much stress on the families as possible when it comes to the loss of a loved one and dealing with the assets that are left behind. There are several options such as wills or living trusts so it is best to bring your concerns to an estate attorney who can help you make the best decision for you, your assets and your loved ones.

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